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  • The team leader must be a current student (part-time/ full time) or a graduate of a tertiary institution in Hong Kong.
  • *Graduates should have graduated for no more than five years as of 30 December 2020.


  • Each application should consist of one to four core team members (including the team leader), who are between aged 18 and 40.
  • All core team members can only join ONE league, join ONE team under that league, and submit ONE application during the application period.
  • Teams may comprise of members from different institutions.
  • Each application should submit a Hong Kong-based climate change solution.
  • All teams should acquire endorsement from one tertiary institution/ organisation by filling in the CARS Endorsement Form or by submitting a formal Reference Letter. Applications without endorsement or references will not be accepted.
  • At least one representative of the team has to attend at least one session of “Human Library” organised by Hong Kong SDG Hub between Oct 2020 and Nov 2020.
  • Winners of any incubation and/or entrepreneurship programme are NOT eligible for this award.
  • Start-ups and companies which are already registered and incorporated are NOT eligible for this award.


  • Idea Stage Teams shall send at least one representative of the team to attend at least one session of “Human Library” during Oct 2020 to Nov 2020 before application submission. Please stay tuned to Hong Kong SDG Hub Facebook and Hong Kong SDG Hub website for more information.
  • Please read Rules and Regulations carefully. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify the teams who fail to conform to the rules or violate any of the Rules and Regulations.
  • Please prepare the documents in below before start the application
    * Each file would be uploaded should be within 10MB
    * Please name all the files after the Team Name (e.g. Wofoo_ConceptNote)
  • 1. Concept Note
    The Concept Note should be no more than two pages (cover page is not included in the page count limit). It should be saved in a Microsoft Word or PDF file format.
    The Concept Note can be written in either English or Traditional Chinese.
    Teams may choose to include infographics in the detailed proposals.
  • 2. Appendices (if applicable)
    The appendices should not exceed two pages, if possible.
  • 3. Endorsement Form/ Reference Letter
    All applications must secure an endorsement (verified with an official organisation chop on the form) from a department or unit under a tertiary education institution or other reputable and relevant organisations.
    A formal reference letter may be submitted in lieu of the verified endorsement form.
  • 4. Elevated Pitch Video (if applicable)
    All applications must secure endorsement (chop on the form) from any departments under any tertiaries and relevant institutions and/or organisations
    A formal reference letter can be submitted in lieu of the chopped on endorsement form
  • 5. Supporting Documents
    Intellectual property documents (if applicable)
    Other relevant documents (if applicable)
  • Please note that qualified teams are to participate in the following training workshops
    Late Jan 2021: Ideation Day (Compulsory Training)
    Mid Mar 2021: Capacity-Building Day (Compulsory Training)


  • 1. Application Form
    *Please fill in the application information in online application form. We only accept online applications. However, teams may take a look at the sample form here before submit the application online.
  • 2. One-Page Concept Note
    *Please upload the file in the online application form. Please type your concept note in word format. Hand writing documents are not accepted
  • 3. Endorsement Form
    *Please fill in the Endorsement form in PDF/Word file and secure endorsement from relevant organisation or department (suggested list). Please upload the verified endorsement form in online application form. If necessary, formal reference letter can be submitted in lieu of the verified endorsement form.